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East Kent Federation

A friendly group of ladies meet in the Village Hall, Lancaster Avenue, every second Tuesday in the month 7.30pm to 10pm

Our meetings regularly have a variety of speakers and news of our activities and opportunities for outings. We have Craft, Drama, Darts and Scrabble groups and we support many local activities.

Further, our linked home economics group meet every third Wednesday in the month at the Church Hall Albany Road Capel from 2.30 to 4.30pm.

Our visitor’s hostess is ready to welcome you and three trial visits allow you to ‘try us out’ before joining.

Members quotes:

“I have made so many new friends through Capel WI”

“I have learnt new skills and widened my interests since joining the WI”

“You’re never alone in the Capel W.I.”

A programme of events and contact details are available on the Village Hall noticeboard..

For further details why not telephone 01303 242146 or email us at [email protected] ?

Telephone Contact for East Kent Federation 01227 464106

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Monthly Report

Our AGM on November 11th saw our entire committee re-elected without a need to ask for re-enforcements. So many institutions such as ours tend to fall by the wayside for lack of volunteers to serve as officers, and our committee works very hard to ensure the smooth running of our WI. They would be happy, though, to have just a little bit more support from the floor, to help them tackle some of the bigger tasks, such as preparing for the Barn Dance, so how about a “volunteering year” in 2009? I’m exercising my right arm in preparation!!!

I promised in the last “Grapevine” to let new comers know what we do – that “Jam and Jerusalem” is not entirely what we are about. Once a month, at the Village Hall at 7.30pm we have our main meeting. The very reasonable sum that we pay for yearly membership, covers a whole multitude of other associated clubs, which mostly take place in the daytime. We have (wait for it)! Scrabble, Craft, Home economics, Darts, Drama and our newest baby, a Book Club for those who love to read. There is something there for everybody and never a week goes by without something to look forward to. A plus to all this is, the outings, which happen on a regular basis several times a year. Just a phone call to this number, 01304 202923 will ensure that you are greeted by our visitor’s hostess and introduced to a circle of smiling faces. Try it just once – you can’t lose!!

And now once more, I send you greetings for Christmas, on behalf of our Womens’ Institute.

By the time you read this, the festive season will be quite near. You will be up to your necks in a welter of ribbons, paper and string, on your knees from cooking and trying, at the same time, to stop Grandma from sabotaging the mince pies!! Let it all go for a minute. Sink into a comfy chair with a slug of something potent to hand – And listen!! Over all the bustle, beyond Christmas, in the dark earth, the snowdrops are stirring. The shortest day is nearly upon us, and from then on the only way is up, towards the spring and the light. So take heart, fetch Grandma’s teeth (you don’t want her to choke do you), give her a mince pie and while she’s chomping, finish your drink in peace.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas Capel and may your hearts be light.

Be Happy.